Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cooking is Elementary

Okay, so maybe the title for this posting isn't absolutely true.  Cooking is not "easy" for everyone and not everyone enjoys it, but here me out.  You'll like this, I promise. 
Now I'll warn you in advance, I'm not sure this posting is going to be super spiritual as were my previous postings.  That's not to say the Lord isn't doing much on this end.  On the contrary.  A LOT is being done.  It's possible spills may happen during the course of my writing this post and you might get a nugget or two, but let's just see what happens, shall we?
Before you ask, "Where in the world is she?"  I'm still at the International House of Prayer and working full-time as an addictions counselor.  Same place, don't worry.
I've been on hiatus from blogging since November.  About that time I had also gained back a large portion (all but five lbs) of the weight I had lost in 2010.  I was by no means happy about this situation.  I don't gain weight out of happiness as some people do.  I was angry and bored.  That is why I gained weight.  I quit caring and I had felt that weight loss was a mandate from the Lord.  Well, when your angry with someone, what they ask you to do no longer matters.  You're not too concerned with pleasing them.  So, like a little glutton, I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted even when I "fasted" and quit working out.  Imagine my shock when my jeans quit too.
I have never been "overweight" necessarily.  It's just that I have felt a leading to be healthier.  To work out regularly and pay attention to what I put into my body and not just smash food into my cake hole or muffin hole in my case.  I also found the unfortunate corn nut snack during my binge.  Thankfully, I've quit that poor life decision. 
It's one thing to gain weight from joy and because you are indulging in marvelous food.  I wasn't, so that's what made my weight gain that much worse.  The muffins were good, but that was pretty much the extent of my "good eating". 
So, when I realized what I had gotten myself into, I vowed to change.  As I've been changing, I've been re-introduced to my adoration for cooking.  It's funny, I'm not one who necessarily "loves" to eat, but I LOVE to cook.  I will never forget my first "real" cooking adventure outside of Hamburger Helper.  My mother put raw chicken and spices in front of me and said, "Go to it".  I've been in love ever since.  Cooking is the only thing I enjoy close to as much as anything related to theater.  So, in December when I had started working on my weight I also decided to get back into cooking.  I made a meal for my current housemates and planned out the meal for weeks.  I was giddy watching the YouTube videos of Nigella Lawson, "Nige" as I like to call her, cooking all the wonderful dishes I had planned on making.  I could have cared less about actually eating the food.  The most enjoyable portion of the meal was watching my roommates faces as they ate the food and even getting one to like vegetables! I was so thankful to the Lord that it all came out well.  So, then I cooked again for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day for which I learned to make Bangers & Mash and I've been on a baking binge for the past four to five weeks.  Pictures of those yummy endeavors are to follow.
As all of this has been happening, I'm back into my normal jeans and was down near my normal weight in time for my big birthday this year!  Praise God! 
Don't get me wrong.  It's still a struggle to keep the weight off.  I notice a mini-yo yo affect, but I'm not near where I was earlier.  And I'm also seeking inner healing at the same time.  God is doing a lot.  I'm cooking a lot and hopefully one day I'll get to enjoy my other passions a lot. 
My next big cooking adventure is next week.  I'm cooking for one of my dearest friends, my mentors and a woman I met a few months ago who is from the tribe of Judah!  The Lord is actually allowing me to cook for one of his direct descendant's!  I mean come on! No pressure, no pressure.  So now, I'm looking at Laura Calder to rescue me with her french.  She's got good plans; I think I'm safe.
Now, why do I think cooking is elementary?  I say that because for me it's a part of my healing.  It's getting me back to the basics of what the Lord has given me.  Getting to the simplicity of me and what I love and what simple things I can do to bring joy to myself and others.  Cooking has been a great way to take my eyes off of me and put them back on God and others.  When your eyes go back to where they should be, that's where the healing begins. 

So, bon appetit!