Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cure for the Bad Weather Blues

This post has absolutely no spiritual application.  I could make one if I wanted to, I could say something like, "We need to have joy in all of the different seasons of  life.  Whether we are in a season of rain and dark clouds, or joy and sunshine."  But, I'm not, this entry is for pure enjoyment.

 Now, I must first preface this by saying that I love winter.  I adore snow but the ice is not my friend.  And I know most people would be much happier if it were spring or summer right now.  So, seeing as most of us have had some harry weather.  Kansas City with it's recent tornado, my New York/New Jersey peeps have been getting pummeled with snow and ice along with everyone else on the east coast and Midwest getting their fare share.  I thought this post might bring a smile to some faces. No one knows how to have joy in the midst of bad weather like my man, Gene Kelly.

Enjoy this this tribute to the man who knows how to do bad weather.
Too bad this would never work on ice.